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Senior Interaction Designer (Internal)

Remote, UK

Your purpose in the role

Interaction Designers at Insights focus on conceptualising and designing digital products, tools, materials, and services based on user, business, and technical requirements. They work across the end-to-end journey of a product or service, helping to develop strategies for turning ideas, data and insights into valid concepts and working solutions.

What you’ll do to succeed

You will need the following skills for this role

  • Design Approach: You can identify and compare the best processes or delivery methods to use, including measuring and evaluating outcomes for users, based on user research.
  • Methodology: You are experienced in using a variety of methods for problem framing, conceptualisation, and prototyping, and can help colleagues visualise potential outcomes. You may have developed your own methods and can discuss methodology confidently without preparation. You understand best practices and can coach others in their use.
  • Strategic insight: You understand organisational strategy and objectives. You can align design activities across the organisation to create strategic approaches to business and user challenges. 
  • User-centred and agile practices: You can help the business adopt user-centred practices and embed them into the organisation. You know how to evangelise and advocate for design across an organisation. 


How will you do this?

  • Autonomy: You take the lead on the work, mostly working autonomously and only requiring sense checking of method or approach. You’re able to delegate sub tasks to other team members and manage the dependencies on delivering your own work. 
  • Impact: The output of your work is predominantly consumed by your peers, colleagues and customers.
  • Role discipline: You have both knowledge and experience in the application of your discipline. You are a recognised specialist and adviser, in your discipline and can mentor others in best-practice use, through your own experience of your discipline. 
  • Stakeholder relationship management: You know how to direct the strategic approach for stakeholder relationships, establishing and promoting the meeting of stakeholder objectives.  
  • Community collaboration: You understand the work of others and the importance of team dynamics, collaboration, and feedback. 
  • Leadership and guidance: You work with Principals and Managers and Leads to define best practice. As a Senior at Insights, you are a tactical and situational leader, and you coach your colleagues on best practices in UX and Design.
  • Strategic thinking: You know about the strategic context of your work and why it is important. You support strategic initiatives and partner with colleagues to develop tactical solutions.


How you’ll show up

  • Inspired, motivated, and committed to the purpose and vision of Insights, and help our customers to achieve their goals through simple and insightful people development. 
  • Taking personal responsibility for how you work with your colleagues, valuing differences and building open, honest, and respectful relationships. 
  • Comfortable working with autonomy, using your own initiative and taking ownership of tasks and projects from start to finish. 
  • Embracing failure and be open to positively, collaboratively, and constructively critiquing and evaluating your work and the work of colleagues. 


What you’re great at

  • Working with a range of stakeholders to uncover and validate user needs and business requirements, utilising research insights to guide and shape conceptual thinking into tangible solutions.
  • Utilising your strong communication and presentation skills, and are to clearly articulate ideas and recommendations, both written and verbally. 
  • Understanding who the customers are and what needs to be done to make their experiences easier, and how best to communicate with them.
  • Exploring multiple solutions for a given problem through design exploration, mock-ups, prototypes visualisations, storyboards, to test your ideas and communicate them internally and externally.
  • Collaborating with other designers, researchers, and stakeholders to take experiences from concept to delivery.
  • Designing for Inclusive/Accessible Design.


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