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Sales Support Coordinator - Internal

Berlin, hybrid
Your purpose in the role

As a Sales Support Coordinator (SSC) in Client Services, you will be empowered to delight your customers by making sure that you (and everyone else) have the necessary information and requirements to successfully deliver our clients learning transfer needs, which may be a mix of orders, events, and day to day support. 

You will embrace our service model and apply your respective processes brilliantly (whilst continuously improving them) and be responsible for the organisation, processing, and delivery of our customers’ needs globally.  

You will ensure you deliver our quality and governance standards consistently and to a high level, resulting in our customers being very satisfied with the services you provide.  During a virtual event, as part of your role, you will become the event ‘Producer’ and support your facilitators seamlessly.  

You will have an acute understanding of how your role enables your peers in other functions to be successful and work in partnership (with a team mindset) with them to deliver both the goals of our customers and Insights. You will use your excellent end to end global process knowledge to ensure that the customers journey is a very positive experience.

Within your aligned team/pool, you will live by and be measured against our purpose which is “To exceed expectations by consistently providing Legendary Service”.  This will be demonstrated through our Client Services, globally consistent set of P.U.L.S.E values.

What you will do to succeed

•    A positive outcome mindset that drives you to deliver ‘Legendary Service’ with every customer interaction 
•    Be someone who truly cares about delighting customers, using your skills to adapt and connect to your customers’ needs and uniqueness
•    Demonstrate a ‘how can I help’ mentality whilst managing pre and post event logistics, liaising closely with Sales, Production, and Finance to facilitate an excellent customer experience.
•    Work with the customer and Legal Team to co-create any contractual agreements prior to any order and event being completed as detailed in their requirements.
•    As a product expert, you will ensure that your knowledge of our products is current and comprehensive, so you are able to describe the features and benefits of our products and services accurately and relate them to the customer’s needs
•    As a Producer of a virtual event, you will set up, monitor, and provide technical support to the facilitator on Adobe Connect, Zoom, Skype, Teams and Webex (training will be provided)
•    As a system and process expert you will create, manage, and verify information on our order and event management system (D365) - at points you will be required to work on multiple systems at one time 
•    With a keen eye for detail you will produce adhoc reports in line with customer service agreements
•    Support, foster, and maximize sales and profitable revenue by spotting opportunities to upsell and/or cross sell
•    You will be very articulate and have great communication skills both verbally (i.e. telephone manner) and in writing
•    As a great listener, you will demonstrate empathy and understanding with a willingness to put our customers’ needs before your own
•    You will have the ability to soothe complex or challenging conversations with our customers, building trust in you and Insights by delivering on your promises
•    You will understand how to operate within a global organisation and have extensive knowledge of our Customer Hub Team, Client Services and how our customer’s journey interacts with Insights across the business
•    As a great coach, you will have the ability to educate and train customers and colleagues virtually on our systems and processes to ensure they become confident in self-serving
•    As a great networker you will build partnerships across the business to support your desire in delighting the customer.
•    Be a trusted advisor to all stakeholders using your knowledge and expertise to mentor and educate others, while also developing yourself and building relationships
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